Heralds News · Cheer and Song FINALE!

The Herald Cheer and Song girls put on a great show on March 20th, 2019!  The Finale was an opportunity for the girls to showcase all the routines they had performed throughout the course of the year at games and competitions.

We would like to thank our terrific coaches (Tiffany Cloud, Lexi Draper, Courtney Duran and Katie Goshen) for all the hard work they put into the girls this past year.  A SPECIAL THANKS to our Cheer Advisor Pam Butler for her amazing leadership of the program over the past 4 years.  Pam is stepping away for the Advisor position and Tiffany Cloud will be taking over.  Pam’s love for the program and for the girls was a hallmark of her years at WCHS, whether the advisor or the assistant to the advisor.  Pam will be missed, but we know that Tiffany will keep pushing the program forward.

We also want to give a special shout out to the 4 senior girls who put so much into the cheer and song program… Vanessa Ball, Ruth Brie, Abbie Goshen and Emma Rocha.  Way to go seniors!

Here are some pictures from the Finale…