Boys Varsity Football · Heralds Football Honors Their Seniors

The Heralds Football Team had the privilege of honoring it’s 3 seniors this past Friday as they played their final home game against Maranatha. The 3 seniors are Vincent Maughan, Wesley Ruiz, and Jacob Kaholokula. We are so very proud of these young men and all their hard work this year and throughout their years as Heralds! Coach Esslinger had some nice words to say about each senior:

Vincent Maughan:

Vincent just transferred to our school this summer, so we were only blessed to have him for one season. He was another player who, the second he joined us, it was as if he had been playing with us since his freshmen year. Vincent came in and immediately filled big roles for us at Center and Defensive Tackle. He went through a shoulder injury early in the year and had to miss several games. I saw the pain, frustration and struggle that he went through because of this, but he stuck it out and worked his way back to us and has been able to compete with us the past few games. We are so glad you decided to come to Whittier Christian this year Vincent! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Wesley Ruiz:

It was a blessing to have Wesley come and join us this year! This is Wesley’s first year playing football with us, but once he joined us, it was like he had been with us the whole time. He is the only one in his Senior class that decided to take on the challenge of joining football and helping our program this year. Wesley is a very selfless player and would play anywhere the coaches asked of him. He would have been a great receiver or running back, but he played on the line because he knew his team needed him there. I wish we had him with us for all four years, but I am so glad Wesley joined us this year. He made huge improvements this year and his sense of humor always kept us on our toes. Thank you for joining us this year Wesley!

Jacob Kaholokula:

Jacob is one of the hardest working and most dedicated players I have coached in my nine years here at Whittier Christian. He is the only one of his entire senior class who did not quit or transfer. He stayed and showed all of the younger players on this team what it means to be a hardworking and committed young man. He is the definition of a team player and one of the strongest captains this school has seen. This program is rebuilding, and it will be built off of the foundation that this team has laid under the leadership of Jacob. I look forward to seeing what Jacob will accomplish in his future! Thank you for everything you have done for us Jacob!

Once again, we are very proud of you boys and thank you for your dedication to Heralds Football.