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Heralds News · Support NXTLVL Gym in their Fight Against Breast Cancer!

Many of the Herald athletes work out at the NXTLVL Gym in La Habra.  Back when we lost Ethan Hawks to the terrible accident, the NXTLVL staff came alongside WCHS and did a special workout in Ethan’s honor.  They made a significant donation to the Herald Football Program on behalf of Ethan and his family.  We want to encourage you, who love to workout, to attend the workout listed below and/or support their efforts financially!

The NXTLVL Gym is now helping in a fight against Breast Cancer with a special workout on Saturday, June 3rd, from 9:30 am until 12:00 noon.  The CrossFit workout is 30 Clean & Jerk at 135 lbs. for men & 95 lbs. for women (as fast as possible with a 10min time cap).  Weight can be scaled down to accommodate.  They are collecting $20 for anyone that wants to workout & donate.

There are two links belowOne is a link to get more information about the NXTLVL Gym, and the other is regarding their fundraising effort against breast cancer.