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Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Football and Cheer/Song serve others!

On Saturday morning, November 19, the Herald football team and cheer and song teams (along with their coaches and a number of parent volunteers) traveled to the Interfaith Food Center in Santa Fe Springs.  This was a great opportunity for our student/athletes to help those in need.

One observer reported:  “I just wanted to send a quick note that you can pass on to the kids from yesterday. I was impressed with all of them (Football and Cheer). I was at the front of the line for about 2 hours and so I saw each of them many times. They were all well behaved and respectful and kind to the clients. It was hard, especially if the client didn’t speak English, but they all did it. Made me proud to be affiliated with them.”

Thank you Heralds for helping others!

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